We have established ourselves as one of the leading financial advisories in our arena. As we continue to push the boundaries of professionalism, we seek dynamic individuals to come and join our rapidly expanding team.

Below is our current list of vacancies. If you wish to submit your application, please send it via e-mail, or you can fax us at the number listed below. Thanks!

  • Financial Consultant

    The successful candidate:

    • Will be committed to developing a career in financial services.
    • Should be immediately impressive, confident and articulate as well as self-disciplined and ambitious.
    • High degree of self-motivation and enthusiasism,determined, diligent,be people and results-oriented, and have excellent interpersonal, persuasive and communication skills.
    • Self-starter with a strong drive to excel in a predominantly sales and advisory focused environment.
    • Will have some knowledge of insurance and investment solutions and capital markets in general.
    • Must be successful in their current sales environment.
    • Will be committed to, and capable of, gaining CMFAS accreditation.

    Upon successful completion of Singapore’s CMFAS license examinations and EFA’s induction training, you will be guided under the strong mentorship of EFA’s Development and Training Executive.

    With the levels of Private Wealth Management business steadily growing and with Singapore becoming a more competitive market, the future for EFA and its consultants is bright.

    Career opportunities within the company allow high achievers to experience promotion and management opportunities. EFA will do all in their power to ensure you meet your own career and financial objectives. Our compensation pay-out is very high - equivalent to one of a partnership status .It also allow you to set up your own Financial Advisory firm be it locally or overseas.

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